iPhone X Waterproof Case, SPIDERCASE Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof IP68 Certified Waterproof iPhone X Case with Built-in Screen Protector Full body Rugged Cover for iPhone X/iPhone 10
Temdan iPhone 8 / 7 / 6/6s Floating Case with a 0.2mm clear&thin Waterproof Bag Shockproof Lifejacket Case for iPhone 8 / 7 / 6 (4.7inch) -Orange
Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 , Transy IP68 Waterproof Full Body Shockproof Dropproof Dirtproof Case with Kickstand , Waterproof bag can put all the 6 inch phones
SPIDERCASE iPhone 5/5S/SE Waterproof Case, Full Body Protective Cover Rugged Dustproof Snowproof IP68 Certified Waterproof Case with Touch ID for iPhone 5S 5 SE
Effun Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Waterproof Case, IP68 Certified Waterproof Cover Dust/Snow/Shock Proof Case with Kick Stand, PH Test Paper and Floating Strap Black/White/Light Blue/Pink/Aqua Blue
Temdan iPhone 8 plus/7 plus/6s plus/6 plus Floating Case with 0.2mm clear&thin Waterproof Bag Lifejacket Case for iPhone 8 plus/7 plus/6s plus/6 plus (5.5inch) -Orange
iPhone 7 Waterproof Case, iPhone 8 Waterproof Case, Singdo Shockproof Cover Built in Screen Protector Full Body Dustproof Underwater Case for iPhone 7/8 (4.7inch)
4 Leaf Waterproof Dry Bag Waterproof Pouch Waterproof Case with Waist Strip Marine Dry Bag for Beach Swimming Diving Boating Fishing
XBK Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus Case, Waterproof Case with Built-in Screen Protector,Full-body Rugged Resistant Protective Hard Cover Case for Galaxy S9 Plus (2018, 6.2inch)
iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case, Singdo Exclusive Slim Full Body Cover Built in Screen Protector Shockproof Snowproof IP68 Underwater Waterproof Case for iPhone 6/6s