Marker Squire Binding

Marker Squire Binding


  • Brand: Marker
  • Manufacturer: Marker


  • DIN Range: 3-11
  • Triple Pivot Light toe + Hollow Linkage Heel
  • AFD stainless steel gliding plate
  • Stand Height: 22 mm
  • Claimed weight: [pair] 3 lbs 5.9 oz


The versatile Marker Squire Binding is a hard-driving, lightweight ski binding that offers powerful and smooth energy transmission from your boot to your ski no matter what kind of terrain you're ripping down. A Triple Pivot Light toe keeps the weight down but holds on with tenacity, just like the beefier Marker models in the Royal Family. The Squire's gliding AFD (anti-friction device) allows for safety and precision that is unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup, while the Hollow Linkage Reel two-piece TwinCam heel allows for smooth, easy entry, even in snowy conditions. With a mid-range DIN of 3 to 11, the Squire is the crowd-pleaser of the Royal Family.