CAP Barbell Aquatic Ankle/Wrist Weights

CAP Barbell Aquatic Ankle/Wrist Weights


  • Brand: CAP Barbell
  • Manufacturer: Cap Barbell, Inc. - - DROP SHIP
  • Model: HHA-CBA03-P


  • Perfect for resistance training in water
  • Provide resistance in a variety of exercises
  • Equipped with Nylon Fastening closure
  • Pair of 2.5 lb weights.NOTE: The picture of the box shows 5 lbs, which is the total weight. It's basically a pair of 2.5 lb weights


Amp up your workout with the CAP Barbell aquatic wrist weights. Adding resistance to your routine can produce faster and more effective results. These durable CAP Barbell weights come in three and five pound pairs and are specifically made for use in the water. They are equipped with nylon fastening closures that will provide a snug fit and keep them securely in place during use. These aquatic ankle weights are ideal for users of various ages. They work well for training and casual use. The weights are designed to hold up against use, both in and out of the water. Includes pair of 2.5 lb weights.