Incline Fit Deep Tissue Grid Foam Roller

Incline Fit Deep Tissue Grid Foam Roller



    • Compact and travel-friendly at 24 long and 5.5 in diameter with a hollow center
    • Increase efficiency during your pre- and post-workout stretches and incorporates into your exercise routine to strengthen core and improve balance
    • Used to massage aching muscles, improve circulation, and break down muscle soft tissue
    • Professional-grade foam and shell protect the shape of the roller from becoming deformed
    • Medium Density strong enough to be used by large Adults and pliable enough for active Children


    The Incline Fit foam roller transforms stretching out tight tendons and sore muscles on the go into an effortless activity. Its shorter stature is easier to manipulate and properly place underneath your body, so you can target problem areas more efficiently. The firm grooved exterior is ideal for massaging aching muscles and breaking down soft tissue, much like a physical therapist would. You can also incorporate our foam roller into your exercise routine and thus improve your core stabilization, balance, and mobility, all without the high-density pressure that accompanies the use of other rollers. The firm but pliable resistance of this roller is suitable for young athletes and large adults alike. It won't lose its shape even after being used and abused for extended periods of time. Take the lightweight Incline Fit foam roller with you everywhere. Its hollow center makes travel a breeze, as it easily fits other items in it. For a higher pressure option, check out our high density extra firm foam roller.